The welcoming haven of Jordan is a favorite of those seeking a  one-stop-shop for illumination on the Middle East’s history, heritage  and desert landscapes. For centuries, only the most intrepid travelers  made the journey to the Kingdom.

Today, Jordan is hailed as the Middle East’s most  rewarding experience; an opportunity for all ages to explore vast desert  – by camel back, on foot or hot-air balloon – swim in the warm Red Sea,  snorkel its vibrant coral reefs and delve into archaeological  treasures, from rose-red Petra to modern-minded Amman.

In  our signature off-the-beaten-path style, with local expert guidance, we  unearth the Jordan of lore, where Greco-Roman cities thrived and  Biblical events unfolded.

One day, trek through Wadi Rum with Bedouin  villagers as did Lawrence of Arabia, the next, float blissfully in the  mineral-rich Dead Sea before a homemade dinner of Jordanian specialties.  

Follow the wheel grooves of a chariot in Alexander the Great’s Jerash,  the “Pompeii of the Middle East.” And gaze with wonder upon Madaba’s  sixth-century mosaics. If ever we’ve found a destination where the  ancient comes vibrantly to life, Jordan is it.

Allow us to introduce  you to the Kingdom of Jordan and dispel the myth that Jordan is only Petra (and thus only worthy of being considered an ‘add-on’ destination). 

It is so much more as you will see, when traveling with us!